East River Pathway

New York, New York



Manhattan’s city grid allows for limitless unfettered movement. Streets never seem to end as they either vanish into deep perspective or turn on to other streets. The antithesis of Manhattan’s dynamic grid is the dead end street. Unfortunately, this site is replete with dead end streets which limit the public’s interaction with the East River. This project eliminates this site’s dead end streets by connecting them with a series of pavilions and bridges which form a public elevated pathway.The proposed pathway links important and separated urban events: the East River Esplanade, the United Nations Deck, the parks and gardens along East River Drive, Sutton Place and Andrew Haswell Green Park. A series of optically dynamic pavilions serve as supporting structure for the elevated pathway. The pavilions are located every 260 feet to align with the Manhattan grid. There are six different pavilion types. Each pavilion manipulates the eastern view down the street in a unique fashion. These pavilions transform the street terminus into a dynamic spatial event. Four of the six pavilions use mirrors to capture views of the city. These mirrors collapse distance views of the skyline bringing them to the pedestrian on the street. As a result, the East River and its skyline becomes an integral part of the life of the city.

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Julian Sandoval, Amir Melloul, Silvana Herrera, Fiorella Mavares

Images: Chandler and Associates