Scattered Houses

Little Haiti, Miami, Florida



This proposal for Little Haiti scattered housing seeks to promote homes with proud vertical dignity. As a result, this home has two levels centered on a double-story space. This tall space allows for a sense of grandeur in everyday living. A staircase and balcony give this space a dynamic sense of movement while connecting all the parts of the home. The kitchen, dining, living room and one bedroom and bathroom are on the ground floor while second floor has two bedrooms, one bathroom and laundry/ linen closet. With a two-story elevation and compact footprint this home allows the lot to develop with usable yards while giving the street a strong and dynamic facade. The side yard wall is meant to be expressive of the interior life of this home. As the three other walls of this home are seen as protective, this wall is seen as a permeable surface that engages the interior with the exterior. It is faced with vertical and horizontal wood siding creating a dynamic pattern. A simple variation in this pattern will allow each home a unique exterior expression.


Honorable Mention, Scattered Housing Competition, 2001

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Alejandro Rodriguez, Robert Draper, Marie Marberg