28X28 House




This proposal seeks to create a 1,400 square foot, affordable and energy efficient home. This design is seen as a contributor to a welcoming neighborhood street with a front porch that invites visitors and acts as a place for community engagement. The backyard of the house is more private in nature with large windows to view a green landscaped area and kitchen garden. The first floor of the home contains a living room, kitchen, dining room and half bathroom. The second floor contains three bedrooms, a full bath and a laundry area. The compact nature of this two-story structure is a thermally stable form that contains heat when it is cold and allows for passive cooling when it is warm. The main two-story living space acts both as a thermal stack for passive cooling and as a grand space for family gatherings. A simple shed roof allows for a large area for solar panels and the collecting of rainwater. This house has been designed to minimize daily power use and whenever possible, produce energy which can be sold back to the utility company. The roof of the house is a single slope shed roof that acts as a large water collector. This roof collects all the water the falls on the house and brings it to an underground cistern. The rainwater collected in the cistern is distributed for irrigation for the kitchen garden and landscaping and is filtered for potable uses such as washing, cleaning and drinking.

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Chad Constantine, Edgar Gonzalez

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates