Life Guard Station

Miami Beach, Florida



This proposal for a lifeguard tower seeks to incorporate the spirit of Miami Beach. Miami Beach is an urban beach that acts as a threshold to both ocean and city. This tower embraces this duality by affording an open view to the ocean and by presenting a facade to the city. Much of the inspiration for this lifeguard tower came from an image of surfboards leaning against a tiki hut. This image represents a modified primitive hut. The thatched tiki hut serves as the primitive hut while the surfboards leaning against it produce a protecting wall. For this lifeguard tower, a wood frame, "the hut" is used to produce the structure, while the insulated reinforced fiberglass panel; "the surfboard", is used to provide protection from the sun.


First Prize, Miami Beach Life Design Competition, 2004

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A.

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates