Market Place

Charlottesville, Virginia



This proposal seeks to create an important civic space by absorbing existing urban conditions and creating a series of community structures and spaces. This scheme creates a large open market plaza that preserves the site’s openness to allow the public to filter in and out of the plaza freely. Inside the plaza, the clock tower, the theater and the market act to animate the space by creating a civic space for recreation and assembly. Buildings that maintain the urban character of the existing site line the market plaza. The proposed residential structures on the western half of the site are seen as “houses” which reflect the compact footprints of the original structures. These discreet buildings allow for open light filled living units within a park-like setting. On the eastern half of this site, the proposed retail and office buildings reflect the long thin footprints of the surrounding commercial structures. Utilizing the existing site building typologies allows this proposal to maintain this municipality’s distinct urban character. This proposal embraces many of the sustainable principles of green design. As an infill project, the market plaza takes full advantage of its close proximity to public transportation.

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Chad Constantine, Edgar Gonzalez

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates