An American Center for Architecture

Paris, France



This project proposes that The American Center for Architecture be two distinct infill courtyard buildings. The first building, housing the library archive and exhibition center is meant to be a permeable courtyard structure that invites public engagement. The second building the studio and living center is more private in nature, assuming the role of an internalized courtyard structure that continues the urban wall lining the Seine River. The north elevation of the studio and living center is seen as the center’s public face to the city. This façade is organized around a large blank panel that acts as a counter point to the open public courtyard of the archive building beyond.


Second Prize, 81st Paris Prize Architectural Design Competition
1994 Lloyd Warren Fellowship, National Institute for Architectural Education, April 1994.

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A.

Drawings: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A.