Plaza 62

South Miami, Florida



Plaza 62, begun in 2005 and currently in development, continues the investigations in the urban surface begun at Plaza 57 through the development of fa├žades that define both an important street and a new urban plaza. Plaza 62 maintains the belief that the making of the city exists as the highest aspiration for architecture. This project is located in the zoning Transit Oriented Development District (TODD) of South Miami, Florida. The district gives developers incentives to create mixed-use buildings by allowing taller structures and by requiring less parking. By right, all projects in this zoning district can be four stories tall. Plaza 62 achieved its six-story height by adding a public plaza and an arcade. TODD allows for larger buildings and reductions in parking because of it close proximity to metro rail. Pedestrians can travel to this area without a car and the city is invested in the development of a pedestrian friendly environment. Plaza 62 is an integral infill project for the medical center of South Miami. Currently, its site is used as a surface parking lot. This project helps to define the urban corridor of 62nd Avenue. In addition, it creates an intimate outdoor public plaza with outdoor seating, relocated live oaks and a water feature. In a context that is otherwise dominated by vehicular arteries, this plaza and colonnade introduce urbanizing elements that resist the car and reaffirm the value of a pedestrian-oriented city.

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Chad Constantine, Edgar Gonzalez

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates