Studio Warehouse

Miami, Florida



This 1,000 square foot studio is an addition to a 26,000 square foot warehouse. The challenge of this project was to create a connected yet autonomous structure with its own facades and entry. The studio is sited in the residual area between the existing warehouse and the front property setback. The site constraints create a compact vertical structure that contains a mezzanine and a two-story high bay. As this is a warehouse studio both vehicular and pedestrian pathways are integrated under one roof. The structure of the studio is a simple stuccoed concrete box which has been articulated with a series of overhangs, windows and doors to enliven otherwise blank surfaces with sharp shadows. The compositions of the entry facade and the street facade unite to create an object that will be experienced in the round. There are two strategically located square windows that allow outdoor views from the mezzanine and serve as a clerestory providing natural light to the ground floor.


Honor Award of Excellence, Florida Association A.I.A., 2012
Award of Merit, Miami A.I.A., 2011

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Chad Constantine, Edgar Gonzalez

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates

Photographs 1-4: Michael Stavardis Photographer, Inc.