City of Miami, Florida



These townhouses are located in the heart of Little Havana in the City of Miami. Designed to be true infill housing, these townhouses are conceived as a prototype for the city. As compact urban buildings, these structures can be built incrementally over time on small or large lots. The urban townhouse is an alternative to the suburb house and the high-rise, one that provides an urban fabric that engages the street and supports richness of city life.
Each proposed townhouse is three stories tall and 4,500 square feet in size with (2) two-bedroom and (2) efficiency units. The front and back facades are open and the sides are party walls. At 25’-0” wide, these townhouses can be repeated to fit the typical Miami building lot. The building structure is composed of reinforced concrete block masonry with cast-in-place concrete slabs.
As this project is an urban proposal, the development of façade was the focus of our design energies. The façade is composed of three bays, which are grouped and shifted to create a monumental asymmetrical frame to the city. This frame is conceived as green wall, a vertical garden for the street and an outdoor room for the residents.

Project Team: Jason Chandler, A.I.A., Hermann Gonzalez, Carlos Fernandez

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates