Site Lines-Miami Waterworks

Miami, Florida



Miami is a city on and about the water. This proposal for the waterworks brings views of the park, water and city to Biscayne Boulevard. The pump station and the depth of Bicentennial Park separate the boulevard from the water. Currently only residents high up in condominium towers can enjoy this view. The proposal re-engages the street level of Biscayne Boulevard with its context. In addition, this proposal seeks to gather rainwater for the irrigation of Bicentennial Park.

Three urban periscopes located between Biscayne Boulevard and the pump station collapse distant views of the surrounding context for pedestrians. These periscopes are positioned to gather views of the future Miami Art Museum site, Government Cut and downtown. In addition, these periscopes are programmed with uses that educate the public. The north most periscope will house an information booth for Bicentennial Park while the southern two periscopes will house a water museum that will describe South Florida’s aquifer, water use and water conservation efforts. The periscopes are constructed of cast-in-place concrete frames with aluminum cladding and green wall covering. These structures also collect rainwater.


Honorable Mention, Dawntown Waterworks Competition, 2008

Project Team: Jason R. Chandler, A.I.A., Chad Constantine, Edgar Gonzalez, Jonathan Azar, Eric Peterson

Images/Models: Chandler and Associates