Building Systems Integration


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J. Ross Publishing
ISBN-10: 1604270152

By Shahin Vassigh and Jason R. Chandler

As the environmental impact of buildings becomes increasingly recognized, the role of building designers and the initial decision-making process, which determines materials, systems, and construction processes, becomes more critical. This timely book addresses sustainability in building design through the development of a series of examples presented as three-dimensional models of well-integrated building systems. The book is organized into three sections based on the integration of paired building systems -- structure, envelope, and mechanical -- demonstrating the performance of each systems pair in terms of interaction and contribution of each individual system and the synergetic benefits resulting from the unique pairing. The last section of the book addresses buildings that have a higher degree of integration and, therefore, cannot be studied as paired systems. Each building is illustrated with a full graphical display, text and analytical drawings to demonstrate its performance in a particular environment.

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